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Our Company Promises To...

Always Provide An Inclusive Environment.

At the core of Dallas Recruitment is a team who not only embraces, but celebrates diversity. We promise to always offer a safe, nurturing and secure environment for all candidates.


Despite sexual orientation, race, religious belief or age, Dallas believes that we should all be treated equally. 

Be Not Only Inclusive; But Safe, Too.

Health & Safety for all of our staff and those who work through us, is at the utmost importance to us at Dallas!

We promise to our candidates and customers that they will always be happy, safe and to always feel comfortable. 

Abide By Privacy Rules.

Privacy is a huge focus of ours at Dallas, we know when you trust us with your details; you trust us to keep them safe. 

Dallas promises to always abide by GDPR rules to ensure a secure & safe journey with us from start to finish. You can trust in us to always do what's in our power to provide safety, security and comfort for our clientele.


Respect Human Rights.

Dallas knows the power in people. 

When we come together and support/respect each other, we are strong. People are an integral part of who we are and what we do, and their rights are just as important. We vow to oppose any and all violations and limitations of human rights and dignity.

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